This is Why They Don’t Scream

A guy and a girl are in a cab together leaving campus. They take a course together, ECN101. She needs a textbook to study and asks if he has the textbook. He says he does but the book is in his room outside campus. She needs it that night so she follows him back to the hostel complex. She doesn’t go in to the room but stays outside. After 30 minutes he doesn’t come out. She goes to the hostel and knocks on a random door to ask for his room. She is told his room number so she locates his room. She knocks on his door and he asks her to come in. He pretends to frantically look for the book while she sits by the door. He finally brings out the book after she has sat for a few minutes. She wants to leave but he tells to just wait a bit so he can see her off to the bus stop.

While waiting he tells her how he has always liked her and wants to date her. She says she likes him but only as a friend. He makes a move which she rebuffs. He pulls out a kitchen knife and tells her that if she screams he will stab her. He orders her to lie down and take off her undies. He rapes her while she just lies down there. She doesn’t utter a word but just cries in silence. After he is done, he apologises and says it was his love for her that made him do it.

She leaves his room and goes back to campus. She cries all night and confides in her best friend who asks her what she was doing in his room. She explains the story and her friend concludes that while he is a bastard for what he did to her it was partly her fault. If this reaction is any sign of what people will say, then she had better keep it to herself she reasons. She doesn’t tell her parents because they may call her a wayward girl. So she tries to put it behind her and keeps silent.

This happens regularly on our campuses. This is why they don’t scream. This is why they keep silent.

Based on a true story.


5 thoughts on “This is Why They Don’t Scream

  1. Wow, this was a very deep insightful story. I had to adjust some of my views concerning rape. I am a man viciously standing for the prosecution of men who defy women in rape. Please take this as my acknowledgement and support of your efforts in making nigeria a safer place.

    Peace ,


  2. I disagree. She should be willing to die or take a 9 stitch wound to protect her woman pride and send the Bastard to jail.

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