ABSU Rapists – Information Wanted

We all heard about the heinous rape of a young girl purportedly by 5 students of Abia State University. The supposed students made a video of the crime which eventually made its way to the Internet. People expressed outrage at the rape but few could do anything about it. So I thought about offering a financial reward to anyone who could provide information that would lead to the arrest of the suspects. With my limited resources I knew I couldn’t do much so I reached out to others. A few other friends online and offline who were as incensed as I am are contributing most of it.

So if you have any information that can lead to the arrest and prosecution of all five suspects please send an email to info@eienigeria.org The identity of anyone who provides such information will be protected. The reward for providing this information is N200,000 (two hundred thousand Naira). Any donations in excess of this amount will be given to the victim.

For a detailed reading about the actual rape itself please read this blog post by @sugabelly God bless all those who have spread the message on Twitter and who are contributing towards this cause. Together we can make a difference.


9 thoughts on “ABSU Rapists – Information Wanted

  1. How can we make a contribution please? We are simply incensed and can’t wait for these animals to be caught and used as an example to others that perpetuate these kind of evil behaviour towards their fellow human beings and treat them like they are not God’s creations too! I am lost for words. please advise payment method asap. Thanks and God bless!

  2. Good work, although it is sad that individuals are the one trying to do this. If the police or SSS knows their job, they should have had those animals by now. They clearly identified themselves, what they study, and their level. Surely, one of their classmates ought to have seen the video. Unbelievable they haven’t been caught yet.

  3. Good Work,Those beast should be cooling down now in the lion’s den but the fact is the the state government and the security agencies are claiming ignorant of this and this shows how the government hides facts..Since they are avoiding the truth, then we will use your product to expose the truth to the global world. WELL DONE.

  4. I suggest the money should be directed to anyone who can provide information about the whereabouts of the victim. For all we know she may have been killed by the culprits. But if we can reach the victim or a family member, one of these guys would be identified because she appeared to know at least one of them. They may be from her neighborhood

  5. pls some body ask her she might reconise the guys their faces,the information should be gather fofm her to help apprehend the culprits,people shuold also play their part and the studend of the school should play the most part

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